A wizard from the south who never shows his face.


The androgynous Illusionist Mallean has taken the role as the group’s Magic User. Quite amazing, seeing as he made a not-so-impressive impression on them the first time they met, on the Sleeping Shark Inn. It was St. Dingo’s Day, and someone had spiked his glass of water(Mallean doesn’t drink alcohol). This caused the young Wizrd to dance wearing only his veil and hit on several men. Therefore, he was not even considered when there was a call for adventurers the next day.

But fate can sometimes have it’s own grisly and random way…

While attempting a teleportation spell, some time later, he was “caught” by an aetheric thread and found himself literally hurled by arevenant. He tried to convince the group he was a mighty wizard of war, but without success. Then the Bullywugs came…

Mallean’s personality can be paradoxical: He is immature and childish, yet his knowledge of philosophy and magic suggests a formal education at a large magical institution. He does not say where his training comes from and has so far spoken very little of his past.

His movements are delicate and effeminate, and he is very skinny. He never removes his veil.


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